ProArt Print Splint

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ProArt Print Splint is a transparent, light-cured resin for stereolithography 3D printing. The material is suitable for the production of occlusal splints and drilling templates. It can also be used to create try-in bases for fixed and removable prosthetics.

Transparent and stable
ProArt Print Splint provides objects that are characterized by a high degree of transparency. This is particularly relevant in the production of splints: they are virtually invisible when worn. When used for drilling templates, the material affords a better overview.

ProArt Print Splint is distinguished by its attributes: it is strong and yet elastic and is therefore resistant to fracture. ProArt Print Splint results in accurately fitting, durable printed objects.

Wide range of indications
ProArt Print Splint is suitable for printing a variety of different objects: splints, drilling templates and functional try-in bases can all be printed from this material to facilitate dental treatments. Several objects can be printed simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of the production process.

Essential part of the PrograPrint system
ProArt Print Splint has been especially developed for dental applications. The material is suitable for use with the PrograPrint PR5 3D printer. All steps of the printing procedure, including cleaning (PrograPrint Clean) and post-curing (PrograPrint Cure), are optimally coordinated with each other. This increases the reliability and reproducibility of the production process.


  • Therapeutic splints for the correction of TMJ disorder and adjustments of the occlusal plane
  • Occlusal splints
  • Drilling templates
  • Functional try-in bases for fixed and removable prosthetics

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